Are You Plastic…?

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plasticAre you plastic? Are you fake?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling you out or suggesting that you’re shallow.

But, the truth of the matter is this: Society has always pressured people to “fit in”.

You have to “fit in” if you want to get the job, or the mate, or hang out with the “cool kids”.

There’s not that much appreciation for independent thinkers.

But, that just what got Jesus into trouble with His church.

The ministers, elders and deacons didn’t much like the fact that Jesus seemed to have His own interpretation of the scriptures. Nor did they feel too good about the fact that a whole lot of people took His word for things over theirs.

And to clarify, while Jesus was an independent thinker, He was not a contrarian.

You know what a contrarian is?

A jerk or B who just takes the opposite opinion of the majority simply because it rubs them the wrong way.

Jesus was not a contrarian. He had no ego He had to satisfy. He didn’t need to be in the spotlight. He didn’t feel the need to bring attention to Himself because He wanted to feel important.

Jesus was an independent thinker simply because He had an independent experience. He knew for a fact that God was active in His life. He didn’t have to have people agree with Him simply to be validated.

The daily spiritually supernatural experiences that He had were His validation.

And those experiences shaped the way that He thought about the world and His role in it.

That is something that God wants for you. That’s something that God wants for all of us.

You are the only you in the universe. You are unique. You are special.

The Father wants you to understand that. He wants you to immerse yourself in that understanding.

As you do that, the daily experiences that you have with the spiritual world will shape the way you think about the world and your role in it.

Sure, you’ll still have to go to work. You’ll still have to take the garbage out. Heck, you are probably still going to go through tough times periodically.

But, you will be you. Your true you. And, it’ll feel good.

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