Did Jesus Ever Sin?

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The short answer is, no.

But that answer, while accurate, is almost a cop out. In order  to have a better understanding of just what that “no” means to us today will take more than a short answer.

That’s because that simple question contains the whole kit and kaboodle when it comes to understanding what Christianity really is all about.

In order to really appreciate the short answer to this simple question, we would need to have a better understanding of what “sin” actually is. Here’s a spoiler alert- It’s not just doing something “bad”.

And after we have a better understanding of what “sin” is, then it is necessary to explore the reasons behind Jesus’ mission here on Earth and it’s implications in all of creation (meaning the universe and beyond).

Whole books have been written on each of those subjects. So, we aren’t going to be able to address them here.

But, we can go to the Bible and see what Jesus says about it Himself.

There are two parts in the bible that most people point to that most believe answers the question of whether or not Jesus sinned.

The first is in the 8th chapter of John. Jesus is basically arguing with the pastors, deacons, and elders of the church about their plot to kill Him (Amazing how really religious people can be so evil).

In verse 46 He asks them “which one of you can convict Me of sinning?” Or, in layman’s terms, “who can show that I’ve done anything wrong?”

So, by implication, Jesus is saying that He has not sinned or done anything wrong by church standards.

And, in truth, if He had sinned there wouldn’t have been any reason for the Church men to set up their kangaroo court and manipulate the government into issuing the sentence of capital punishment.

A second instance where Jesus Himself implies that He has not known sin is in the the same Gospel of John 14:30.

Jesus, talking to His disciples about His coming death says, “…for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me”.

In this verse Jesus suggests that He has been sorely tempted and tried by Satan. And, even so, the Devil has not found any avenue to cause Jesus to yield to any of his temptations.

Sin is generally committed when a person indulges and gives into the temptation.

In each of these verses, Jesus Himself suggests that He is sinless. And, if He had, His mission to Earth would have been a bust.

You see, Jesus was the spotless Lamb of God. Part of His mission was to be the sinless sacrifice for the world. Not just for good people.

Another part of His mission was to live the life that Adam was gave up before he and Eve went their own way.

Another part of His mission was to be an example to fallen humanity of what is possible when your life is hid in God.

You see that while the answer can be a simple “No. Jesus did not sin”, there are layers on layers as to why He chose not to sin by resisting His fallen human nature and the temptations that Satan pressed on Him day in and day out.

To get a better understanding of what sin actually is, study the following verses.

1John 3:4

James 4:17

1John 5:17

Romans 14:23

A good activity would be that after you take a look at the above passages, reflect on how Jesus did not commit sin as described in each.


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