A Daily Experience

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Some may think or have the impression that being a Christian is more a destination than a journey. Having been “saved” or having been baptized is many times considered the rite of passage into an exclusive club.  And, once in the club there many times is little effort devoted to soul searching or self development.

“At ease in Zion” was the saying in my home church of younger years.

But, is this all that Jesus or God wants for us? Membership in the local congregation?

There has to be more to it. Don’t you think?

I’m sure that we all feel sadness when we watch the evening news. All the war, the killing, the dishonesty, etc. We all have to admit that the world does seem like it’s going to “hell in a hand basket” ever since the 9/11 attacks in the US.

Jesus did predict that things on our little planet here will really get out of hand, right? (see Matt. chap 25).

And, it might be a little misguided for Christians to try to make the world better by changing government policies to reflect “Christian” principles. There is a reason why Jesus contrasts the Kingdom of God with “the world”.

But, while it may be pretty difficult and disheartening to affect a change on a global scale, it is possible to change on a smaller scale. In fact that is what God’s plan actually is. A better world is made up of better people.

God’s plan is for us to be “better” than we currently are. He is all about self improvement and self development. This doesn’t happen by itself, but takes effort and determination on each one’s part.

A constant and fresh revelation of Jesus and his character on a daily basis is a good start. Reading about Him and reflecting on His person, who He was, what He stood for, will provide motivation to model His example.

It’s within the reach of each of us to be a little better each day. It’s His purpose that each of us should continue to gain knowledge and understanding of how to be more like Him and show it to others by how we live.

He wants the desire and the practice of being “better” to go viral and wants us to be a part of making it happen.




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