Unfortunately in these modern times, the name of Jesus, the Christian religion, or even of the Bible carries with them so much negative baggage that rational, thinking, and well meaning people are turned off anytime they’re mentioned.

This is more of an indication of how professed followers have mis-represented them rather than an indictment of what they truly are.

I guess the same is true for most monotheistic religions.  The followers, in their zeal (and insecurity) to “correct” (in one way or another) any and all non-believers, tends to spill over and give the religion’s founders and the original teachings a bad name.

This can really be seen in the way many American “believers” behave and what they promote. The behavior and rhetoric that surrounds hot button cultural issues like race, abortion, guns, etc., while generally painted in a “christian light” really has no semblance of true biblical Christianity at all.

Ironically, when these or similar issues are generally brought up for debate, God’s exhortation and example in Isaiah 1:18 to “come and reason together” is nowhere to be seen. There is no “reasoning” to be heard and no “togetherness” to be seen.

This is not the belief system that is represented in the Bible. This is not the Jesus of scripture.

So, what’s in a name?

Manifest X

Manifest. Definition:

 1.clear or obvious to the eye or mind.
 1.display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.






ManifestX is ultimately a suggestion to you, the reader, that the true motive behind and true objective of Biblical Christianity is for you to allow the Spirit to reveal and clearly demonstrate Christ through you. In your life.

As humans, we love to make simple things complicated as we generally over simplify more complex matters.

Christianity and religion are no different.

All the baggage, the heated rhetoric, the mis-interpreted bible passages, and the cultural preferences of “believers” tend to make an otherwise very simple approach to living pretty darn complicated and downright unattractive to many or most who would benefit greatly and better represent, the Christian lifestyle.

The objective of ManifestX is twofold.

Number one: to present Jesus and the Bible in a simple way that addresses real life issues that real people may have. Whether they be backslidden, the openly curious, the non-believer, or even the person who warms the pews each weekend.

Number Two: to encourage you to Manifest X in your daily life. Because that’s what this Christianity thing is all about. It’s really that simple and needn’t be any more complicated than that. Your focus on you going about doing good (that’s what Jesus did, right?), and not focusing on someone else’s perceived goodness or shortcomings (politics included).